Government Telecommunications Contracts and Bids

NetQ Multimedia Benefits:Government Information Security | NetQ Multimedia

  • Highly skilled and certified technicians
  • 30+ years of industry experience
  • Detailed documentation
  • Project management with one point of contact
  • State contract vehicle since 1999

Contract Projects for Government Agencies

Government agencies looking to hire telecommunications companies for contract work have many requirements to consider when making their decision. Price, company knowledge and experience, availability, location, technician certification, and time required to complete the project are just some of the many factors that go into such a choice.

NetQ Multimedia company is conveniently located in Freehold, New Jersey. We didn’t choose this location by accident; we strategically located our office in central New Jersey to provide access to all major highways. This allows us to dispatch our technicians to the farthest points of the state in the shortest amount of time. We pride ourselves on our efficiency.

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Exceptional Customer Service and Record Keeping

Additionally, we offer unparalleled customer service and support. We provide direct access to the project staff, and give cell phone numbers as well as direct email addresses to our clients to make it as easy as possible to reach our team. We truly value personal involvement, rather than a cold, corporate approach. We return messages promptly, and strive to get you all of the information you need as quickly as possible. We also provide a single point of contact for all incoming communication, with a team behind that contact to handle every detail. Our project management is highly organized, effective, and accountable. We are proud to be an excellent choice for all government telecommunications contracts and bids in New Jersey.

We keep detailed records of all of our current and past projects, so that if you ever have a question about work we are doing or work we have completed for you in the past, you will get the information you need to know. A perfect example of our quality record keeping is the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. We were called by the Telecommunications staff at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to look into telephone problems at Island Beach State Park. The storm had corroded many of the connections and destroyed equipment all along the 10 mile stretch of the island. Since NetQ Multimedia had installed over 7 miles of 200pr cabling on the Island a few years prior, our knowledge and documentation was put to use to restore services to the Coast Guard buildings and Governor’s Summer House, and other support facilities on the island. This same good record keeping could easily be used to restore services after any catastrophic event – natural or otherwise. Our quality documentation makes NetQ Multimedia a great choice for any government telecommunications contracts and bids projects.

We keep your project information secure

In today’s high-tech society, virtually every legal document or confidential piece of information is stored somewhere on the internet. Government records can be stored in data bases or in virtual libraries, and while this is convenient, it also puts that information at risk. Our expert technicians stay on top of the changing landscape of information security, and have been since we were first incorporated as Network Cabling Inc. in 1985. Security has changed a lot along the way, and our company has with it – even our name has changed, as we now do business as NetQ Multimedia Company. When we work on any government contract telecommunications project, we keep your information secure.

Experts in the Field

NetQ Multimedia continues to provide a broad range of solutions to the communications challenges present in today’s market. Some of our telecommunications services include:

  • Routing and Switching options
  • Access Control
  • Cabling Infrastructure
  • Secure Wireless Access
  • Traditional and IP Telephony
  • Surveillance
  • And much more

NetQ Multimedia Company has a reputation of dedicated service performance. With the highest degree of reliability, NetQ supports current applications with awareness and attention to detail. With a formula for success that includes premier customer relationships, reliability and reputation, NetQ Multimedia Company is your choice your next government telecommunications contracts and bids project.