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Private Sector Benefits:

  • Minimize Friction in Communication
  • Years of Experience in all Business Telecommunications Services
  • Structured Cabling Solutions Provided

Security Guaranteed

In today’s fast-paced world, communications  infrastructure is key. Having  fast and secure  telephone and Internet connectivity is the  cornerstone of  getting ahead, because it means  that your company’s data is safe and you  minimize friction in communication, both  internal and external. These are exactly the services that NetQ Multimedia provides. NetQ Multimedia is a multimedia company  that provides cabling & information infrastructure as well as business telecommunications solutions. That includes  everything from traditional phone service to  Cat6 cable applications and  setting up and securing wireless networks for a business.

With the Internet becoming such a large part of every business, many people forget the importance of good telephone systems in the private sector. Business phones are still the best way to get direct, personal communication short of a meeting. Many companies are embracing the future by switching over to IP telephony. This provides a better and more flexible telephone system with more advanced features. NetQ Multimedia has years of experience in phone service, including both traditional and IP systems. A clear, crisp signal that won’t drop and a wide array of useful office features are the hallmarks of NetQ Multimedia’s business telecommunications solutions.

Protection from Hackers

One of the major story groups in the media over the past year has concerned the sequence of hacks that have affected both large and small companies as well as government agencies. These cost the company time, effort, and goodwill to fix, and a large enough breach is an existential threat to the business. NetQ Multimedia can help mitigate this risk by providing tough data security for wireless and wired connections. This is important, because data security is quickly shaping up to be an important issue. Hackers are eager to pick off companies with lax security protocols due to the difficulty of recovering stolen funds, as well as the ease of taking customer financial information. Head off the threat with strong wireless security.

Structured Cabling

It might seem strange to integrate so many different aspects of communications when they work so differently, but one service ties it all together: structured cabling. The logistics of communications requires a lot of cable management of Cat6 cable and other cabling systems. NetQ Multimedia has been a major player in the structured cabling world for years, installing and maintaining systems that combine all of a company’s cable needs. Without a well-run structured cable system, a company’s network and business telecommunications systems infrastructure will quickly become disorganized. If you want to have your cables organized and well-maintained, you need an effective, structured cabling solution. NetQ will build that solution.

Reputable, Dedicated & Reliable

Using a company with the experience and expertise that NetQ Multimedia brings to the table is much better than trusting your Cat6 cable and data security to an unknown upstart. This is an industry in which experience with many different aspects of communications infrastructure is rewarding, because it lets the service provider see the entire cable system as a whole in addition to the individual subsystems. A smaller provider just doesn’t have that perspective. Furthermore, NetQ’s years in the business mean the company has a culture of professionalism, customer service, and reliability that ensures their clients are always happy.

If your company is in need of a phone system, wireless network, structured cabling system, or anything else that requires knowledge of cabling and communications, get in touch with NetQ Multimedia today. NetQ specializes in high-quality data and voice applications but has undertaken a wide variety of tasks on behalf of clients. Despite all the recent advances in automation and software, communications is still a foundational aspect of business. Don’t trust your communications to a company that can’t do a superior job. For your business telecommunications solutions, trust NetQ Multimedia.