Having a Secure Server in the Pharmaceutical Industry

secure serverBenefits of Having a Secure Server:

  • All data secured
  • Unique network security
  • Proactive approach to communication strategies

Secured Communications

Communication in the pharmaceutical industry needs to address unique concerns within its field.  Network security is a top priority due to the highly competitive nature business and the confidential requirement of pharmacy records and information. However, other communication concerns cannot be compromised to accommodate security. Here’s a look at typical communication and security issues for pharmaceutical companies and why it’s important to select a multimedia consultant that can manage all aspects of these elements.

Research and Development

Research and development is the core of most pharmaceutical companies. Communication in this area revolves around discovery and pipeline status and is highly susceptible to competitive intelligence from other pharma businesses. Furthermore, communication must take into account factors like global clinical trials and research conducted in foreign countries. Internet correspondence, the main means of communication, must therefore address the following:

  • security of classified data
  • international data transmission
  • large file sizes containing laboratory logs and clinical data
  • need for sophisticated graphics depicting things like molecular structures, anatomical diagrams and chemical interactions
  • FDA and other governing body regulations

Corporate Communication

Corporate communication can be every bit as sensitive as research and development. Mergers and acquisitions, contracting and stock market analyses are common topics of both telecommunications and Internet correspondence. Global transmissions are again a large portion of corporate communication. Other issues include:

  • video communication and live conferencing
  • high-volume mass email campaigns
  • HR and personnel correspondence
  • stockholder communication
  • marketing, PR and sales materials
  • large files in spreadsheet formats
  • electronic signatures

Field Sales Data Transmission

Even with the most effective secure servers at headquarters, breaches can occur through field sales data transmission. Sales representatives and account managers need to be able to send and receive real-time data and metrics without compromising security. While login gatekeeping can be improved through tokens and laptop password protection, a serious threat to cyber security today is the use of employee personal devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, while on the job. While BYOD, or bring your own device, policies can save pharmaceutical companies money on equipment and service plans, it opens up corporate data to potential hacking.

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

Given all of the concerns mentioned above, it is imperative that pharmaceutical businesses use a multimedia consultant that can provide soup-to-nuts coverage of these issues. NetQ Multimedia Company offers a broad range of solutions, such as secure servers, information security, and many more that can address all of these areas. Not only do they provide communication and network security answers for today, they also look towards the future for other potential concerns, so you can approach your communication strategies proactively.

NetQ Multimedia Company offers numerous options for both in-house network and outside communications, including optical fibers in single- and multi-modes for high bandwidth transmissions. You don’t have to sacrifice speed or efficiency with their cabling design.

NetQ Multimedia understands both the security and performance needs of the pharmaceutical industry. They can perform large-scale IT installations that meet regulatory requirements and your demands for corporate security as well as make suggestions for improving security for incoming field data. NetQ can even offer in-house security systems, including secure servers for your home and satellite offices and help you maintain proper access control for your most vital areas.

The pharmaceutical industry is tough enough as it is; you shouldn’t have to worry about high-volume, high-speed communication issues or security breaches. When you work with NetQ Multimedia Company, your satisfaction is their utmost concern. Their professional, certified personnel stay on the job until it’s done and are always available for questions, changes or upgrades.


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