Increase Bandwidth Across an Entire Campus

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  • Higher bandwidth for multiple users connecting to the internet – ideal for large areas like college campuses

Future Campus Networking Technologies Now

Campuses of all types present unique challenges to reliable and robust communications networks. NetQ Multimedia has been meeting these challenges long enough to navigate them with ease. No matter what your demands are, whether you need an upgrade, retrofit or new installation on your corporate, educational, medical or government campus, we’re ready for your call. We’ve worked with some of those most prestigious campuses in the country, including Princeton University! Low bandwidth can hinder internet connection speeds and make it difficult to stream when multiple people are using the network. Especially important are the rapid advances in cabling and broadcast technology that allow for increasing bandwidth and allowing your operation to plug into conversations around the globe.

Optical Fiber Cabling

Tapping into the full potential of a high speed WAN network requires bandwidth. Optical fiber cabling is by far the best option for providing the highest bandwidth possible, providing more than 1000 times the bandwidth over distances at least 100 times further. Of course it’s a bit more expensive than copper, but surprisingly not that much when the entire project is considered. Optical fiber in WAN networks are also more secure in data transmission and tend to be serviceable for much longer. While copper cabling like CAT5 or CAT6 are continually increasing their capabilities, they have become more difficult to install properly and may lose some of their advantages compared to fiber optic cable.

Data Centers

Efficiency is a common goal in designing data center infrastructure. Additional expertise in routing and switching is crucial to setting up your high-performance data center. And you need your cabling contractor to get you up and running on time and within budget. With our work for Princeton University, we kept inside both of these parameters. Planning, constructing, connecting and testing your data center calls for a high level of training and execution. Your DC has to handle the huge amounts of data that are many times “mission-critical” to all locations on your campus, and do it seamlessly with no downtime.

Security Access Controls

In today’s insecure climate, making sure your information stays locked down is as important as ever. We’re well versed in all the complex planning and decisions that go into permissions and restrictions for access. Authorization issues can be handled in numerous ways, from the old fashioned password to smart cards to biometric analysis. In addressing the limitations of mechanical locks, many projects specify CCTV or other types of remote sensing to keep tabs on who accesses what and where.

Voice and Data

Among the options available for telephone solutions, VoIP is one that is particularly suitable for a campus network. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems combine voice and data over a smaller number of cables that can result in space and cost savings. Today’s cabling technologies are constantly improving in capacity, carrying distance and speed. Increased bandwidth is no exception, and it is critical on college campuses where so much communication is done online. Along with the upgrades in performance is the demand for proper installation and maintenance. Our goal is to give you a communications network that works as closely as possible to the high end of the equipment’s rating.

Technological Harmony

Connecting various instances of hardware like workstations, hubs, routers and different types of cables is a significant challenge. Inter-operability on many levels has to be analyzed and planned for. The execution of every connection must be mistake-free… in other words, it has to WORK! NetQ technicians have a wide range of experience with an impressive number of products and tools that give us an edge in applying creative solutions to increase bandwidth in even the most daunting connection issues. You’ll be fully prepared for the future with a superior cabling architecture from NetQ.