Network Data Cabling: Paving the Information Superhighway“I’ve traveled to every part of this country during the last six years. During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country’s economic growth, environmental protection, improvements in our educational system.” 

 — Albert Gore

Al Gore may take credit for “creating the internet,” and he certainly popularized the term “Information Superhighway,” but Rich Tillman was one of the guys actually planning and installing the network from the very first mile until now.

Network Data Cabling: Paving the Information SuperhighwayRich has been involved with technology since the late 1970’s when computers were as big as a school bus and a 1200 baud modem was fast as lightning. Now his company, NetQ Media, regularly runs bundles of fiber optic cable strands, each of which can convey enough data in a millisecond to connect a thousand phone conversations between the US and Europe.

NetQ Media has stayed on top of the vital responsibility of designing and installing the network data cabling that make our modern global conversations happen at light speed, and Rich is having a great time running the show.

Since 1987, when he incorporated Network Cabling, Inc., Rich has seen it all. And his business has been through a lot of change in an industry that thrives on rapid advances and upgrades. Persisting through expansion, mergers, and even a rescue of the enterprise from a buyer who seemed intent on wrecking it, Rich has finally found the sweet spot where his expertise fits perfectly into the technology marketplace. Find out more about the History of NetQ Media.

NetQ has become very, very good at providing solutions for large scale  voice, data and video communication, especially focused on the infrastructure supporting it all. Designing, installing, testing and maintaining the communications cables, switches,  and connectors in an office building or campus is child’s play for NetQ Media.

In 2004 NetQ added video security camera systems, door and access security systems, KEY and PBX telephones, Public Address equipment, and audio-video setups for conference rooms including large screen televisions and teleconferencing to their already expansive network data cabling abilities.

One of their hard-won achievements was being named one of seven recipients of a term contract with the State of New Jersey. After a rigorous approval process, NetQ Media Co was chosen as a select technology contractor that can be deployed to tackle state projects without having to put every project out to bid- a cost and time saving measure. For context, one other company that won approval was AT&T.

NetQ Media’s employee base varies between 10 -15 highly trained teledata technicians that have been with the company for years, but often have to increase their size for larger projects and since they are signatories of the IBEW Electrical Workers, additional skilled Union technicians are only a phone call away. In terms of revenue, NetQ’s average is around $3 million, although there have been $7 million years and $1 million years!

The core of their customer base is state and local governments in New York and New Jersey, plus some large corporate customers who need to install or upgrade their data and communications infrastructure.

One type of project that is on the increase is the remediation of wireless communication problems in high-rise buildings constructed or retrofitted with “green” low-e glass. The glass is highly effective at reflecting UV rays from the sun, but the same coatings and treatments also interfere with cell and wireless data signals that would normally pass through without attenuation. Not only does the typical office denizen use 2-3 wireless devices each, building codes now require that in-building radio signals meet the needs of first responders like police, fire and medical personnel.

One solution is DAS, or Distributed Antenna Systems. In New York City, every building over 14 stories is required to certify that wireless signals are robust throughout the premises. You’ll find NetQ Media on the front lines of making sure DAS and other solutions make offices and residences safe and convenient.

Recently, NetQ was awarded a new five-year state contract for installing phone and cabling systems. Rich has launched a marketing strategy that includes email and a new website, which features regular blog posts and free offers that entice decision makers to put NetQ Media at the top of the list of contractors under consideration. Have a look around!

Like we do in the case of all our car-carrying roads and highways, most of us take the Information Superhighway for granted. It’s just there when we need it! Thanks, Rich Tillman and NetQ Media for paving the way for the amazing technologies we use every day. Al Gore would be so proud.