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NetQ Multimedia (originally incorporated as Network Cabling Inc.) is dedicated to providing each customer with a full range of fiber optic and/or copper cable installation options. You will enjoy the best in communication solutions with the highest level of performance and reliability. NetQ Multimedia can make your digital data transfer requirements, or any other issues you might have, disappear by installing a system that is both durable and adjustable to your exact specifications. This applies whether you choose fiber optic or copper cabling.

Years of Experience

We’ve been around long enough to see many communication technologies come and go. Since 1985, NetQ has been designing and building cutting edge solutions that are ahead of the curve. Today’s fiber optic installation technology enables speeds up to 50 times faster than dial up, DSL and cable modems. We’re always training in the newest compliance standards and best practices so that our customers receive the absolute best in bandwidth and hardware. We’ve completed cabling solutions in almost every conceivable setting, whether it be retrofit or new construction.


Recent advances in technology have made fiber optic cable much cheaper and  more available to customers than ever before. We’ve come a long way since 1975, when the Dorset, UK police installed the first non-experimental network. Large American phone companies soon followed in the 80’s. Now, this type of cabling is a viable option for almost any project that requires high-speed connection and superior bandwidth. Depending on your local infrastructure, we can offer from five to 50 megabits per second of dependable data transfer. Network cabling in New Jersey is made easy by the experts here at NetQ Multimedia.
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NetQ is known for our transparent approach to serving our customers as a cabling contractor. As any of our past and present customers can tell you, we only employ technicians and installers that are impeccably trained for the unique challenge of bringing in fiber optic cabling. When the rare issue arises, we will team up with you to find a win-win solution that fulfills the contract we agreed on. We depend on our quality work to speak for us when we bid on any new contracts.

No Guessing

Hiring a fiber optic cable installation company can be a daunting task. It’s a complicated procedure that takes an experts in the field to explain. We will bring you an understandable project summary that you can compare to others. Within each communication application of fiber optic lines, there are a myriad of uses and installation methods. External to the structure, there are Cable TV, telephone lines, municipal internet networks and the like; inside a structure you might see lines for CCTV, LAN and phones- none of which call for precisely the same equipment or installation procedures. We’ll tell you as much as you want to know about the components and process for your new fiber optic network, so that you can better understand what you’re using us for.

Building Great Relationships

Making sure our expectations match, or exceed yours always results in a smooth installation. Our contract agreements detail every aspect of the work to be done: design, installation, testing, troubleshooting, and full documentation for restoration if any mishap were to befall any part of the network. We’ll help you with planning by consulting with you on all your options of fiber types, connectors, cable placement, and associated hardware. Advising clients on industry standard components and choosing outside vendors are tasks we do every day. We know most project managers aren’t as conversant with fiber optic cabling installation as we are, and it’s our job to give you enough data to make informed decisions.

Our focus on customer service and superior quality impels us to deliver on time and on budget. We know you have deadlines, so we’ll own them with you. And, we love a challenge! Private or public sector, put NetQ Multimedia on your short list of contractors who can meet and exceed your lofty quality standards. We are your premier choice for communications services and network cabling in New Jersey, as well as many other locations.