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The History of NetQ Multimedia Company

History of NetQ Multimedia CompanyBenefits to Our Customers:

We boast a reputation of the following, over the years:

  • A company with reliable service you can trust
  • A company who is always on the cutting edge of technology
  • A company with the best communication networks construction
  • A company that strictly adheres to regulations and schedules
  • A company with extended equipment warranties (5-25 years extra)
  • A company with a history of extensive experience in the private sector and government contracts since 1985

How It All Started

The history of NetQ Multimedia company begins with our original incorporation as Network Cabling Inc. in 1985. Since then, we have been proudly serving telecommunications and security needs from businesses and the government. We started out as subcontractors for computer re-sellers, such as IBM, Dell, Clancy Paul, Computerland, TransNet, and Entre’ Computer Systems. Working for these clients gave us the opportunity to work for New Jersey government contracts. How? Many of these computer re-sellers were the first to serve the state of New Jersey on a 20-year contract. As we all know, our home state has very specific regulations and safety requirements. NetQ Multimedia took what might have been a tremendous challenge for some and made into an opportunity. We adapted the way we operate in order to match government regulations. Today, we continue adapting to any regulations or tight schedules that our clients have in the private sector, as well as the government sector. It served us very well throughout the history of NetQ Multimedia company, and with our expertise came in incredibly good word-of-mouth from our clients.

Along the way in the history of NetQ Multimedia company, we came across another challenge. Many of our clients had regulations on using specific manufacturers for their equipment and often times their system would be comprised of equipment made by different manufacturers. Luckily, when we  conquered this challenge, we were met with large amounts of success and even more expertise. We learned how to connect any types of equipment into a seamless system. We also recieved extensive training with each of the manufacturers and became certified for most manufacturer brands! Due to our relationships with these manufacturers, NetQ Multimedia can offer its clients extended warranties on equipment – anywhere from 5 to 25 years.

Integrated Multimedia

When NetQ began in November 1985, fiber optic networks were the newest technology introduced into the communications industry. Fiber optics replaced traditional copper wire in increasing numbers of  communications systems as more industries discovered the flexibility and reliability of the fiber optic networks. Cost, however, was prohibitive in major urban areas of the country until 1990, when a new optical amplification system was introduced. Since then our history of NetQ Multimedia company has helped us remain on the cutting edge of communication technology; we help develop new methods of communication while still maintaining current, working methods of communication.

New Developments

It wasn’t until around 2002 that the viability and cost factors made it possible to commercially utilize fiber optic networks worldwide. This meant that the transition from traditional copper wire installation to fiber optic installation would increase exponentially. Our technicians and linemen that worked with both wiring systems realized the potential of offering optical fiber cabling services to any and all businesses/residences that wanted faster communications through their networks. Our technicians soon also realized that they could offer many other services through fiber optics while still maintaining their existing copper wire installation and maintenance services. NetQ decided to offer these services to their clients and help them create the best solutions for their communication needs. We first had to educate their employees about the many benefits that fiber optics had for their clients. Since the actual cost of installing a fiber optic network had decreased considerably due to new innovations and technology in the field, NetQ could offer to customize communications solutions to fit their clients’ needs. It wasn’t long after our technicians and engineers at NetQ discovered the many ways they could utilize fiber optics in communications, that word got out to potential clients about NetQ’s ability to uncover new and unique solutions to their needs. NetQ has worked with clients from the government and private industry to uncover customized and integrated data and voice systems.

Making Sure You Get the Best Service Possible

Throughout the History of NetQ Multimedia company, we have been committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. In fact, due to our high-quality work and happy clients, we never really saw the need to employ marketing and promotional strategies. Good word-of-mouth in the state of New Jersey has brought us success along our way. NetQ Multimedia gives each of its clients the personal attention they deserve and you will never wait longer than a few seconds on hold, even when you call our 800 number.

Give us a call today and we’ll answer any questions you might have about your project, our certifications, or our expertise. NetQ Multimedia is here to help you with all your telecommunications, structured cabling, and security needs.