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Our Certified Structured Cabling Installation Team

Certified Structured Cabling Installation NetQ Team Benefits:

  • Unparalleled Expertise
  • Phenomenal Recommendations
  • The customer’s sense of safety is the main priority

The Team

IT security involves more than grabbing an antivirus product and installing it to your computer. While antivirus offers another line of defense against viruses, malware and other threats, the problem with it is that it defends against yesterday’s threats. In other words, the viruses that have already been discovered. If you want true security for your business, hiring the certified, structured cabling installation team and IT security team from NetQ Multimedia Company (originally incorporated as Network Cabling Inc.) can help.

Why Choose Us?

We have been working in the industry since 1985; with us, you are not hiring a company that popped-up yesterday and hasn’t successfully survived the highs and lows of business. Additionally, those years of experience have led us to unparalleled expertise in our industry. Because we are continually updating our knowledge of the latest trends in technology, you can focus on the more important aspects of your business while we take care of your telecommunication and security needs. We believe that the best type of security is that which operates in the background; unnoticed.

Expert Recommendations

Ever wished you had a knowledgeable adviser who could direct you away from bad investments and give you suggestions for better choices? As a result of experience and repertoire with multimedia and telecommunications services, NetQ can tell you when an upcoming product will help you, and if you have a product you are considering, we can tell you whether our past customers felt satisfied with it. With certified structured cabling installation skills, wiring and multimedia knowledge, and excellent customer service, you won’t want to call anyone else.

Security: of Utmost Importance

When a business incurs a data breach, statistically speaking, their survival rate lowers dramatically. You have to deal with an entire host of resulting problems even after you have ironed out the initial problem. Issues that occur after a data breach include:

  • Loss of Reputation & Trust in Your Business
  • Financial Losses
  • Loss of Customers
  • Damage to the Internal IT Structure

Even after the first data breach, you should never assume that cyber criminals will not strike twice. In many cases, they will lull business owners into a false sense of security and attack a second or even third time. If you do not take the proper precautionary measures, you could be at risk. This is where NetQ and our team, experienced in security, telecommunications, and certified structured cabling installation services can help.

The Unknown Target: Small Businesses

We often hear about hackers going after these giant corporations, but you hear about them attacking small businesses less often. That doesn’t mean it never happens. In fact, because small business owners take less precautionary measures and oftentimes have less sophisticated security, they are sometimes an even more prevalent target for hackers. It can be difficult to hack into the security system of a Fortune 500 company, but smaller businesses, on the other hand, can have networks that are much more easy to invade. We don’t want to see hard working business owners face dire circumstances because of improper security measures. Our team can help to assess your current security levels, and we can locate your strengths and weaknesses.

NetQ Saves the Day from Natural Disaster

When you think about how much of your business relies on a computer network or computer, if you encounter damaged technology through fires, earthquakes or other disasters, it will cause a significant loss of time and money. What if you have an important client that you lose because of the unfortunate events and their effects on your technology? If you choose NetQ, our team can back-up your computer system so that even if a natural disaster occurs, you can have your system up and running again quickly. When Superstorm Sandy struck the New Jersey shore, our team was there to help clients restore their communications and start functioning again as quickly as possible.

Having a proper security plan in place when disaster strikes is important. The NetQ team can help you to design an IT security plan that will protect your business from severe losses. Our team of expert professionals who are skilled in their certified structured cabling installation, phone system installation, network security installation and many more services, will assist you and educate you about the latest threats in technology. We are not your average IT security company. Your NetQ team will demonstrate unparalleled expertise in all of our multimedia services from start to finish. That’ss why we’ve been in business since 1985.