fiber optic broadband

Fiber optic broadband experts recently spoke at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas, and they said that the “Internet of Things” (IoT) will not just benefit from fiber optic broadband, they will soon require it. The Vice President for New Products for EPB (Electric Power Board of Chattanooga TN), Katie Espeseth, said that when the country reached the first gigabit speed, they built it to support an IoT application.

What is the Internet of Things?

This concept is the revolutionary idea that you can connect all kinds of devices including appliances, wearables, even entire house or building environmental controls to the Internet. Everything from TVs to washing machines to headphones, windows, cars, lamps, wristwatches, underwear, will have Internet capabilities.

Why Fiber Optic Broadband Matters

The EPB has sought to create a number of supercomputers that will allow the constant monitoring of the power grid throughout the city for their power supply. Since that time, EPB has gone on to acquire 1,400 devices in the field, and they are intended to diagnose problems with the power grid or reroute power. Because of the new system, the length of time that power outages happen have been shortened by 55 percent to as much as 60 percent. Without the support of a 100 percent fiber optic network, it would not be possible.

Gig City

The additional bonus is what gigabit-speed broadband does for the local businesses and homes of Chattanooga. The fact that it has become so widely available has driven up revenue, and it has given them the attractive nickname, “Gig City.” Lev Gonick, the CEO and creator of OneCommunity, said that there was a common theme at CES 2016. That is to say, they focused a lot on finding a method where the network can handle 4k high definition videos.

Why Consumers Should Feel Excited

Why would consumers want a fiber optic cable installation? As the technology and fiber optic cable infrastructure advance, consumer IoT applications may require it for their smart home. Kevin Morgan, the ADTRAN director of cloud and services marketing, gave an explanation about how estimating this impact on the consumer can be somewhat difficult because we are still in the earliest stages of this market. Improving the network capacity through fiber optic cable installation could prove an vital component to the success of upcoming smart home systems, for example, because connections will need higher network capacity. Products must have these advanced capabilities or their cost-effectiveness will drop as they become obsolete too soon.

After 2019, experts predict that the market for fiber optic could shift in a big way. According to Cisco, consumers will claim about four times the data that businesses use. Your typical family home might have more than 500 networked devices by 2022, and these networks will have greater importance than what we have ever seen before. Inside the workplace and outside the workplace, the “Internet of Things,” has increased in popularity as a conversation point. The concept has a lot of potential for impacting how we live our daily lives and how we will work.

Greater Availability

Fiber optic broadband  internet gives us some of the fastest and most reliable Internet in the world. The most challenging current obstacle to the future of a blazing fast high capacity Internet is the current availability of specific equipment, and though it’s coming down, it still costs more than other options. Fiber optic Internet has expanded to many populated areas, and the cost to connect to it continues to decrease over time. With that and more devices being built with broadband capabilities, the potential for a true IoT is increasing dramatically.

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