Telecommunications Contracts for Educational Institutions

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Communications Solutions

Information is incredibly valuable and schools need access to a lot of it! Your students, faculty, staff and other constituents need to know they can trust the safeguards you have in place to protect them. Balancing quick access with high security is no easy task, but NetQ Multimedia (originally incorporated as Network Cabling Inc.) has the experience and training to bring the solutions you need to satisfy your telecommunications contracts for educational institutions. Our solutions provide for fast, safe communications on your campus.

Statistics tell us that the number of data attacks and breaches is going nowhere but up in the coming decade. Our specialties lie in the physical aspects of your campus communication where there are a number of things a determined thief can do . While network administrators advocate defense in depth with layers of security complete with advanced tracking so it’s clear who accessed what and when, the physical security around the equipment involved often goes without the same forethought.

The first step toward securing a network is to define the targeted level of security based on the perceived threat level and its consequences. Once the desired level of security is defined, you must take it into account at every step of the network—design, implementation, and operation.

After you have chosen a company who bid on your telecommunications contracts for educational institutions, the first step in securing your network is to determine a range of security levels based on perceived threat and the outcomes of a problem at that point of attack. Then you can prioritize and assign security features to each aspect of your connections.

Choosing between copper and fiber cables has implications on security as well. Either one can be used, but each has different strengths and weaknesses in the overall hardening process. Neglecting to add that into an initial cabling plan could mean a false sense of security concerning digital break-ins.
Simplified Guide to Structured Cabling | NetQ Multimedia

Premier Voice, Data, and Video Services

We also provide high speed, reliable and scalable telecommunications infrastructures for voice, data, and broadcast cable connections for schools with single buildings or large campuses. We often do this by bidding on telecommunications contracts for educational institutions, and being found to be the best company for the job. NetQ has served as the premier information system contractor for schools as diverse as Princeton University in New Jersey and Cheyney University in Pennsylvania. For these projects, we upgraded the existing telecommunications infrastructure to provide advanced voice, data, and broadcast cable connections for student dormitories that would support both the current and future needs of the universities’ students. The result of our telecommunications upgrades for these schools included:

  • Students can easily access the internet, plus the school’s intranet from their dormitory rooms for access to e-mail, registration, and other academic and administrative programs.
  • Significant cost savings for universities. Changes to student data are now streamlined, freeing internal staff to perform troubleshooting versus the expensive, time-consuming reliance on the outside telecommunications vendor.
  • New cabling installations that exceed industry standards, are easier to manage and will support future growth as universities expand their voice and data infrastructure.
  • Universities were able to meet significant project milestones on time for their large initiatives because NetQ Multimedia was flexible in meeting tight deadline requirements.
  • NetQ also was able to offer an extended performance warranty of 15 years.

Disaster Recovery

In addition to providing the telecommunications infrastructure and information security for educational systems, NetQ Multimedia also plans for the unexpected. Recovery capability is built in during the planning stage of our projects in the event that something ever goes wrong. We add redundancy elements to our cabling, voice, data, and video services to help prevent widespread failure. Schools and larger educational systems depend on their telecommunications systems to work at all times, and we plan in advance to make sure nothing interrupts that. We work to keep your workstations, phones or any other connected technology running smoothly at all times.

Government Contracts

NetQ Multimedia has been providing outstanding cabling solutions and information security for education systems since 1985. We often provide these solutions through government contracts, but also work with private schools and other non-public educational groups. We have all the required qualifications to do state contract work, which allows us to work for government and educational customers. This includes:

  • eRate (spin #143014796)
  • DPMC (C120,C121,C122)
  • SDA
  • SBE (57898-20)
  • Public Works Contractor Registration (61441)
  • NJ Wiring Exemption Certificate (#180)
  • Employment Certificate Cert (22993)
  • and others.

If you are looking to upgrade your telecommunications system, relocate your facilities, or add new features to your current system, give our expert technicians a call today to find out how we can customize a plan that works for your needs and your budget. If you’re looking for the perfect company to work with telecommunications contracts for educational institutions, look no further than NetQ Multimedia.

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