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Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Installation

DAS Benefits

What is DAS and Why Do I Need It? | NetQ MultimediaHigh-quality equipment
• Scalable and flexible for future expansion
• Targeted, Broad Coverage

Affordable DAS Networking Solutions

A distributed antenna system (DAS) network that broadcasts WiFi coverage to your entire workplace environment can often be the best equipment option for operations spread out over a wide area. NetQ Multimedia has an established reputation for upgrading your current DAS or installing a new DAS network. Our extensive experience, combined with our knowledge of the newest best practices and regular developments in hardware, assure you that you’ll have a cost-effective setup that remains so well into the future.

Why a DAS Network?

Supplying dependable network access across a large area that will have hundreds or even thousands of daily users can be a challenging project. As a wireless approach to connectivity becomes the normal workplace standard, physical plants should not hesitate to embrace it. A distributed antenna system, in contrast to a single antenna propagating a signal at high power in one location, brings not only a savings in total power needed, but better reliability and redundancy. Less energy is wasted on overcoming penetration and shadowing problems.

Dynamic Network Solutions

DAS Network Infrastructure | NetQ MultimediaAdapting or augmenting a conventional wired network infrastructure in order to meet the changing needs of a growing business require more cabling and more connections spliced onto an already maxed-out capacity. A DAS requires a lot less capital infrastructure to achieve more efficient changes to your existing system. Depending on the demands of your application, you might need both indoor and outdoor antennas, at various power levels. Instead of laying cable for each node, another signal propagation device can be attached to existing conduits inside or outside your buildings. The modular nature of a distributed antenna system means you can add, subtract, or amplify nodes easily. This means that when the time eventually comes for you to upgrade your system, having a DAS makes the entire process much more hassle-free.

Investing in the Best Equipment

The most advanced DAS layouts also rely heavily on soft- or firm-ware. Like routing data around the internet, the latest DAS base stations and hubs can shift capacity from one area to another if needed. In contrast to the simulcast model, some dynamic installations require fewer base stations, shorter cabling and better signal. Also, with the proper cabling, you needn’t worry about future equipment expansion – it’s usually a straightforward process to simply add another station where it’s needed. NetQ Multimedia has long-standing relationships with the best equipment suppliers in the industry, so we’re uniquely positioned to recommend the absolute best solution with high return on investment.

Resale Options Offer Superior Value

Greater savings can make your capital investment look brilliant! When comparing equipment purveyors, make sure your top choice will allow your businesses to reduce purchase costs and keep overhead expenses as low as possible. High quality equipment can often maintain the bulk of its value and can typically be obtained for a fraction of what you might have expected to pay. NetQ Multimedia offers a full range of quality equipment options that may be ideal for businesses that are concerned about their bottom line and organizations seeking to ensure greater value for their investment.

Updating or Upgrading Antiquated Network Infrastructure

Even the most full-featured and high-end networks may not allow your business to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of technology. Just because your infrastructure has been able to meet your needs in the past does not mean it is able to provide you with the features, dependability and level of performance you need now – and that newer equipment options are able to provide. As a premier provider of network equipment and communications solutions, NetQ Multimedia can offer cost-effective solutions that will ensure your efforts to upgrade your wireless network are able provide you with the results, value and satisfaction you seek. If you need a distributed antenna system (DAS) installation at your workplace, contact us today.