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  • Extremely Competent Professional”

    Richard Tillman is an extremely competent professional who has continually exceeded the expectations that I have had on various projects that he has undertaken for the New Jersey Army National Guard.
    Joseph Pipas | Dept of Military and Veterans Affairs
  • Very Knowledgeable”

    Highly professional, very knowledgeable, and required no day-to-day supervision.
    Richard Krawczun | Township of Lawrence
  • Willingness to Do What It Takes”

    Their professionalism, expertise in the field, innovative ideas &  solutions, and willingness to do what it takes in order to see any project through to completion are some of their finest characteristics.
    Dino J. Colarocco | Robbinsville Township

Network Data Cabling and Wiring

More Services Network Switch | NetQ MultimediaWe Provide a Variety of other Network Cabling Services:

  • Create custom cabling plans
  • Certified Cable System Installation
  • Adds, Moves, and Changes
  • Troubleshooting and warranty work
  • Certification and Testing
  • Project Management

Our Multimedia Services

NetQ Multimedia Company provides integrated equipment services and solutions in order to meet a wide variety of business and commercial needs. From cost-effective networking equipment, such as a network switch, to full-featured communications and security systems, such as door access security and video security, dealing with a service and equipment provider that has more to offer can benefit several aspects of your business development and everyday operations. Working with a single provider who can offer cost effective networking systems and superior quality communications and security options can provide your organisation with greater value and convenience.

Network Infrastructure

At NetQ Multimedia, we offer a variety of additional services that complement our network data cabling and wiring services. Routers and network switch options that will provide superior wireless coverage and access can be essential resources for new and established businesses alike. Lacing dependable network and wireless coverage can impair the efforts of your staff and lead to bottlenecks and other obstacles that may end up costing your business more than you might realize. Sourcing a high-quality network switch, WAN and LAN equipment resources or even DAS options that can be obtained for less overall cost can allow your business to implement the most effective equipment and infrastructure solutions without placing greater strain on your budget or bottom line.

Security Equipment and Solutions

From network security to the resources and systems that will allow you to better monitor your physical environment, the resources needed to better protect your staff, workplace and data are assets that should never go overlooked. Finding cost-effective door access / video security and surveillance systems that can allow you to create a safer and more secure working environment may prove to be an easier undertaking than you might expect. NetQ Multimedia offers affordable equipment options and integrated system solutions that can be made available for a price your business might not be able to pass up. In addition to installing and upgrading your network data cabling and wiring infrastructure, we can install custom wireless video surveillance equipment in your workplace.

Telephone Systems

Dependable full-featured communications options are often of critical importance for almost every business. Multi-line phone systems, VoIP service options and the resources needed to ensure your staff is able to enjoy more convenient and versatile way to communicate and stay in touch. A network switch or phone equipment that may provide support for a wider range of integrated voice and data services may allow your business to eliminate the need for additional service providers. Bundled services and integrated communications solutions can provide greater convenience and overall value for businesses that are seeking affordable communications resources that will be better suited to their needs and budget. No matter how your network data cabling and wiring is set up, our certified technicians will find the best phone system solution for your office, both functionally and structurally.

Integrated Solutions

Finding the equipment and services your organisation needs in order to optimize operational efficiency, better handle growth and expansion and reduce the financial strain that purchases and upgrades may have in terms of your bottom line can be more difficult for those who choose to do business with the wrong provider. Dealing with a single provider better suited to meeting a range of needs can allow for greater convenience and savings. Knowing where to turn for the integrated solutions that may best benefit for your business operations is never a matter that should be left to chance.

Cost-Effective Purchases Offer Superior Value and ROI

Even relatively affordable resources can constitute a significant expense. Whether your business requires bulk equipment purchases or budget constrains have made finding ways to trim overhead costs a top priority, finding the services, resources and solutions you require for a lower price could be of paramount concern. NetQ Multimedia is a widely recognized reseller and provider that may allow you to find the voice, data and security solutions your business requires for less than you might have expected to pay. It always pays to do business with a provide better suited to meeting your needs. No matter what type of network data cabling and wiring solution your workplace needs, NetQ Multimedia’s certified team can get the job done quickly and correctly. Contact NetQ Multimedia today to get a free service quote.